BERRY KISE – Jet Activities –

Gushes of winds with our thrill crafts!

Are you an “extreme person” that lives for thrills?
Feel the wind and enjoy adrenaline peaks on our selection of inflatable boats!

Our experienced staff members will adapt the speed to your liking.

Active 3

Ride all three boats: the banana boat, super marble, and bandwagon!

Services provided

General Information

PricesActive 3 JPY 6,000
Active 3 + Parasailing COMBO JPY 12000
(COMBO price is JPY 2000 cheaper!)
InclusionLife jacket rental Towel Shower & Changing room
Opening periodsAll year
Duration1.5 hours
Time Slot・09:00
・16:00 *Only from July to September.
*Please make sure to be on site 30 minutes before departure time.
RequirementsActive 3:
Age restriction: 5 years old or above.
・Please check our Health checklist and note that for your own safety, we will not be able to let you participate in the activity if your answer to one of those questions is ‘Yes’.
・Age restriction: 5 and above
・Height limitations: ≥120 cm
・Weight limitations: 20-120 kg
Remarks・Note that activities may be canceled due to the weather or sea conditions. If there are any changes, we will contact you as soon as possible.
・In winter, activities may be held at the Kanucha branch in case of bad sea conditions.
・Wearing a life jacket during our tours is mandatory.
・Please make sure that you read and understand our cancellation policy before booking.
Things to bring with you・Swimsuits or any clothes you don’t mind getting wet.
・Change of clothes
Meeting pointMarine Club BERRY KISE
【Address】〒905-0026 115-2 Kise, Nago City, Okinawa
Kanehide Kise Beach Palace Hotel G/Floor Beach counter 【Map Code】206 413 79901
【Free Car Park】If you wish to come in your own vehicle, you may use a parking lot in Kanehide Kise Beach Palace Hotel at no extra cost. (No reservation required.)
【More Details】Please check the BERRY KISE Access page.

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