Be active, have fun!

The concept of Marine Club BERRY KISE is “An amusement park on the sea”!
Apart from popular marine activities like snorkeling and diving,
we operate a variety of water activities such as the “flyboard” and the “Marine Walk”!

This is a place fit for both children and adults to enjoy themselves all day long.

*Depending on the sea conditions and wind, BERRY KISE’s activities may be held at BERRY KANUCHA.


BERRY is located inside of Kanehide Beach Palace Hotel. Multilingual staff are available!

Facilities include showers and changing rooms. We can keep your valuables.

Our shop is on the beachfront. Easy to access from Naha from Route 58.

Not much time in Okinawa? You can still enjoy the sea and our activities in just a few hours

Other activities at KISE

Active 3

  • Experience three jet activities that will make you scream!
  • Full of thrills and excitement!
  • Accessible from 3 years old!


  • Discover new sensations!
  • Take flight propelled by water
  • Enjoy the outstanding scenery

Marine Walk

  • Tale a leisure walk underwater without getting your face wet!
  • Try fish feeding
  • No need for diving licenses!


  • Enjoy a unique view on both the sky and sea!
  • A safety-first policy!
  • From 5 years old.

More activities at KISE


Address】〒905-0026 115-2 Kise, Nago City, Okinawa
      *Kanehide Kise Beach Palace Hotel G/Floor Beach counter
【Map Code】206 413 799*01
【Free Car Park】If you wish to come with your own vehicle, you may use a parking lot in Kanehide Kise Beach Palace Hotel at no extra cost. (No reservation required.)

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