Okinawa adventure – 16.1 – Snorkeling

Hello everyone, this is Loic from Berry Naha. I’m here to talk about today’s session of guiding.

Today weather was great ! A lot of sunshine, all the clouds where far away over Naha and we had just a bit of wind to cool us off.

I had the pleasure to be the guide of a smart and energetic young man this morning. He is 15 and spent summer vacation in Okinawa alone, wow ! It made me think about what I was doing when I was 15 and I don’t think i would have done things like this. Shame I couldn’t bring him to do introduction diving as he was riding a plane home this afternoon.

This morning’s point was Nagannu South. The fishes where hungry today and blast us with a lot of acrobatics figures to impress us 🙂

That’s all for this morning.

I thank you all for reading and hope to see you soon at Berry Naha

Loic – ロイキ – @loic.diving