Okinawa adventure – 15 – Introduction to diving

Hello everyone, this is Loic from Berry Naha. I’m here to talk about today’s session of guiding.

Today the good summer time was back finally ! The sun was up high and we had very few clouds with a refreshing wind.

I had the chance to be the introduction to diving guide of 4 people today.

First point was Paraiso, at the foot of Mae island. The visibility was not with us at this point but the current was relatively calm. First to go was a guest from Spain, who has open water license. As expected the course was smooth and we had a lot of good time.  The nemo and a lot of other fishes where there to accompany us.


The second point was Sand triangle, between Gishippu island and the north of Tokashiki island. Best spot before lunch, the visibility was very good and the current was not that bad. A turtle maid it appearance at the 2nd dive, great ! All my guest dived on this spot, we all had a good time. For the guest with the license, we could go up to 10m !!


After quick lunch break, we went to the last point : Aliga from Tokashiki island. The spot was beautiful with a lot of corals. The first group even had the chance to see a shark from far away. All 5 of my guest dived again on the 3rd spot !


We all went back to the land with big smile as today was great !

I thank you all for reading and hope to see you soon at Berry Naha

Loic – ロイキ – @loic.diving