Okinawa adventure – 32 – Snorkeling


Hello everyone, this is Loic from Berry Naha. I’m here to talk about this morning session of guiding.

Today was a great day ! A lot of sun, almost no waves and no surge, and a turtles all you can eat buffet !!

The first point was Nozaki, and it was perfect. The water was crystal clear and at the right temperature, the corals and the fishes where magnificent and a few turtles maid there way to us easily. We even had a shark from a bit far away and some cute nemo quite close.


The second point was Sand triangle, another great spot. Lots of turtles, people jumping, dragonflies …


The last point was number 7 from Zamami island, with a lot of turtles and beautiful corals again.



I thank you all for reading and hope to see you snorkeling around soon at Berry Naha

Loic – ロイキ – @loic.diving