Okinawa adventure – 28 – Snorkeling


Hello everyone, this is Loic from Berry Naha. I’m here to talk about today’s session of guiding half day trips.

Today was a beautiful day with a lot of sun, perfect summer day. We had a lot of snorkeling guest today, in the ride in the morning and afternoon.

The first part of the day went by in a second.

The snorkeling time was very pleasing and the water temperature was perfect. The guest had a lot of fun with the fishes, the slide and the jump. The nemo where here also here to entertain the guest.


The afternoon trip went by the same way, over in a second. We had a lot of foreigner on the ride, it was a long time since I talked that much in English. All of my guest where very playful and enjoy the ride, skin diving / slide / jump …

We also had a the pleasure to see a turtle, very rare in the half day trip !!



I thank you all for reading and hope to see you snorkeling around soon at Berry Naha

Loic – ロイキ – @loic.diving