Okinawa adventure – 12 – Snorkeling

Hello everyone, this is Loic from Berry Naha. I’m here to talk about today.

Today was a beautiful sunny day with a bit of wind from the north. We had some current all day long, beautiful corals and a lot of Nemo’s all day long.

I was in charge of being the guide of a team of for snorkeler.

The first point, Nagannu south – Chibishi islands, had quite some current, we used this opportunity to go to the other boat from Berry stopped next to us and use the slope ! So much fun 🙂


The next point name was Number 2 from Zamami island. Beautiful lands of sand with a lot of corals and fishes like Nemo’s yey


The last point was Ariga, Tokashiki. Once again a beautiful place with magnificent corals. We had the pleasure to meet a Porcupinefish and some sea snake. We took the time to study how to skin dive also, I think everybody had a lot of fun


I thank you all for reading and hope to see you soon at Berry Naha

Loic – ロイキ – @loic.diving