Your dream job!

Everyone here works in the marine leisure industry and we love the Okinawan sea!
At Seasir we have a number of branches offering jobs in various business fields
such as scuba diving, water sports activities, hotels, gear shops, travel agency, etc.

We need highly skilled and passionate people from all over the world to work with us!
Depending on what your abilities, the seasons and your wishes are, there are different jobs opportunities within SEASIR ltd that could fit you.



Would you like to get professional diving training and work at the same time? Become a marine staff!
>>Join a SSC work & study course!

Full-time jobs

Are you looking for long-term employment? We have a variety of jobs that we can offer.
>>Work full-time with us!

on a Working Holiday?

Are you looking for a seasonal job in Okinawa? Some of these positions do not require to know Japanese.
>>Find a job for working holidayers!

Instructor training course

This course will make you a professional diver while you work with us.
You will not only get knowledge and skills but also get work experience in the marine leisure industry.

We regard on-site training as being part of the job, so we cover the cost of training and living in Okinawa for you.
In return, you are required to commit full-time for 7 to 10 months. The course usually starts in winter or spring.

  • A valid work visa (including working holiday visas)
  • Basic Japanese communication skills (approx. N4 or above)
  • Good fitness and overall health
  • Be able to swim

Full-time positions

We need skilful individuals who show high motivation.
We offer a variety of job opportunities in the leisure activities and hospitality industries.

Work conditions will depend on the job you apply for,
but it usually requires good communication skills in both Japanese and foreign languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, etc.

We help our full-time international employees prepare the necessary papers for their work visa renewal.

Examples of full-time jobs
  • Front desk, Customer care service
  • Reservations and Sales
  • Diving instructors
  • Shop clerks
  • Good language skills (for Japanese: N2 or above)
  • Being in good health
  • Willing to commit with us long-term

We might have other requirements depending on the job you apply for.
Feel free to contact us for more information.

Seasonal jobs

The dream job for those wishing to make a living while enjoying themselves in the most amazing of seas.

You can also join diving tours for free when your are off!

Some of these positions will not require to speak Japanese and are also open to Working Holidayers.


TaskBoat crew
LanguageBe able to communicate in English or Japanese
BenefitsAccommodation available for a small fee.
Free marine activities


TaskCleaning, waitering
LanguageN3 or above
BenefitsAccommodation available for a small fee.
Free marine activities


TaskBeach staff
LanguageN2 or above
BenefitsAccommodation available for a small fee.
Free marine activities


TaskCleaning, reception etc
LanguageBe able to communicate in English or Japanese
SeasonAll year
BenefitsFree accommodation
Free marine activities

The above conditions are subject to change.
Contact us to know if we are currently hiring and for which positions.


PositionSSC then full-time instructor
CommentI work as a marine staff but I also help in interpreting, overseas sales and more.

I am very happy to work at SEASIR because I am surrounded by nature everyday!

I didn’t know anything about diving when I came to Okinawa, but SEASIR made me become a professional diver.
The people who work here are always supportive of foreign employees.

PositionWorking Holiday boat crew then SSC
CommentI started working as a boat crew during summer and decided to work full-time at SEASIR.

There is always a good work atmosphere onboard.
Staff members are used to people from other cultures and they are always helpful!

Everything is like a finely oiled machinery on our boats: everything goes smoothly and it is enjoyable to work.